The Supporters,

We the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Anwar Ibrahim, and condemn the politically motivated charges that led to his five-year prison sentence.

10 August 2015, marks Anwar Ibrahim’s 68th birthday and his 182nd day as a prisoner of conscience. Prior to his imprisonment, Anwar Ibrahim was the Leader of Malaysia’s emerging Opposition, and a prominent moderate Muslim leader who dedicated his political life to defend democracy, uphold the rule of law and sought social justice for all.

Anwar Ibrahim’s trial took place after he led the opposition coalition to an unprecedented electoral victory in Malaysia’s general elections in 2013, winning 51% of the popular vote. Many believe that this blow to the incumbent government’s power prompted Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction and imprisonment. The trial that eventually led to Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction was seen as biased and unfair by the independent observers who attended the proceedings. The unfair trial, coupled with the political motivations behind it led Amnesty International to declare Anwar Ibrahim a prisoner of conscience.

As supporters of an independent and fair judicial system, we condemn such politically motivated convictions that serve those in power.

The political machinations behind Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction are clear as Malaysian citizens who dared to criticise the outcome have been investigated and/or charged under the country’s draconian Sedition Act. Many see Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction as the beginning of an intense crackdown on freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly in the country. The crackdown, which is ongoing, has even extended to social media. Numerous police investigations have been triggered over social media postings that are perceived to be critical of the government.

As believers in the right to the freedom of expression and the freedom of peaceful assembly, we call on the government of Malaysia to uphold the rule of law, and to respect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of its citizens.

We also note with great concern Anwar Ibrahim’s deteriorating health, and the difficulties he has faced in receiving proper treatment. Anwar Ibrahim’s treatment in prison is indicative of wider problems within the Malaysian prison system. We strongly urge the Malaysian government that touts itself as democratic country to immediately and unconditionally release Anwar Ibrahim from prison and uphold the principles of democracy.


John L Esposito - Georgetown University
Tariq Ramadan - Oxford University
Richard Falk - Princeton University
Noam Chomsky - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Slavoj Žižek - University of London
Alfred Stepan - Columbia University
Francis Fukuyama - Stanford University
Larry Diamond - Stanford University
Nader Hashimi - Denver University
Shahrough Akhavi - Columbia University
Louay Safi - Georgetown University
Abdelwahab El-Affendi - University of Westminster
Avi Shlaim - Oxford University
Charles Butterworth - University of Maryland
Emad El-Din Shahin - Georgetown University
Saad Eddin Ibrahim - Egyptian Activist
Mohammad Fadel - University of Toronto
Ziauddin Sardar - Muslim Institute
Karen Armstrong - Author
Tariq Modood - University of Bristol
Farid Esack - University of Johannesburg
Christos Giannou - War Surgeon
James Reardon-Anderson - Georgetown University
Tamara Sonn - Georgetown University
Mohsen Kadivar - Duke University
Harry L. Roque - Centre for International Law Philippines
Augusto N. Miclat Jr. - Initiatives for International Law Philippines
Heherson Sonny T. Alvarez - Philippines Politician
Ricardo G. Recto - Philippines Politician
Luzviminda C. Ilagan - Philippines Politician
Silvestre Bello III - Philippines Politician
General Jose Almonte - Philippines
Amado Valdez - Philippine Association of Law Schools
Fernando O. Pena - Ninoy Aquino Movement
Ferdinand S. Topacio - Philippines Lawyer
Margoux Salcedo - Philippines Journalist
Jarius Marisa Bondoc - Columnists Philippines
Prof Tay Kheng Soon -(Architect) Singapore
Navin B. Chawla
Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen